Now Licensed for Microblading!

Ann’s Hair Affair & Spa in West Branch, MI is now licensed to provide microblading services! Eyebrow microblading is an exciting new service which utilizes semi-permanent pigments to enhance your eyebrows. Unlike tattoos, which are permanent, microblading is not permanent. Pigment is deposited into the upper layers of the dermis and lasts from 9-24 months, depending on your skin, skincare routine, etc.

Should you get eyebrow microblading?

Microblading is a great way to get WOW brows or even a subtle enhancement of the brows. A fine blade or needle is used by hand to create natural-looking “hairs” to fill out or define your eyebrows. It’s great for people who want fuller or more defined brows without the daily hassle of drawing them or filling them in with makeup.

It is not a painless procedure, however it is not as intense as a tattoo session. You will need to be tested for an allergy to the pigments before your first session. Anyone with an allergy should not receive microblading services.

Your new microbladed brows will need to heal after your session. It is important to follow instructions and properly care for your brows after microblading. Failure to do so can lead to infection and loss of pigment, just like with regular tattoos. You may need a touch-up after the healing process to fill in any areas of pigment that faded during healing.


If you’re interested in eyebrow microblading in West Branch, Michigan you can contact us via email or telephone to discuss it further!